Yemi Alade tells Tiwa Savage “People are always trying to pit us against each other”

by CheCheblogs

Nigerian singer, Tiwa Savage brought out yet another sensational music artiste, Yemi Alade to perform at her concert In December of 2019,

There had been rumors as regrads some misunderstanding between the two artistes and this was fueled by their respective fans who were quick to debate on who’s better between the both of them.

Tiwa Savage’s gesture of bringing Yemi Alade up her stage during her concert and sharing a hug while at it, was geared at making people realize that they both possess mutual respect for each other and as such, shouldn’t be pitched against each other.

Yemi Alade in an instagram live featured, the lovely polyglot singer is heard saying “there’s so much to look up to in Tiwa Savage” and the feeling is mutual but the only problem is the people always trying to pit them against themselves.

The songstress goes on to say that rather than people trying to turn one against the other, they should just accept the difference in their art and appreciate them.

Here’s a video of the songstress talking on the subject (courtesy of IB9JA),

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