Working class lady blows hot on her unemployed boyfriend after discovering that he “squandered” her money

by CheCheblogs

The screenshots of the Instant Messaging conversation between a working class lady and her boyfriend has caused a fuss on social media over how the whole thing went.

The beginning of the conversation happened in the wee hours of 28th September 2019 starts with the lady asking her boyfriend if he’s awake.

When he replies in the affirmative, she begins to air her displeasure of him being a liar to her. Puzzled by what offence he may have committed, he asks her “What did I do?” and she began questioning him of what he did with the money she loaned him the previous week.

The conversation takes a new heated turn in the middle of the night after the guy admitted to not using the money for what it was for but “giving it to his family for upkeep”. The lady then dealt a card of she being in charge in the relationship and as such, he should play by her rules.

The gentleman then cowers by saying if the tables were turned, he wouldn’t treat his girlfriend the way she’s treating him. He eventually declared to end their relationship once he’s repaid his debt and amused by his decision, the lady generalized all men as cowards.

Their conversation went thus;

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