Why So Mad?! 50 Cent’s GF Jamira Haines Drags ‘Dummy’ Fans Assuming She Had Plastic Surgery — Legit Naija

Well, damn!

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50 Cent’s girlfriend, 27-year-old Jamira Haines a.k.a. Cuban Link, appears to be sick and tired of her followers on Instagram assuming she’s knifed up anything on her body. A seemingly flustered Jamira let off a few posts expressing her feelings after someone left a comment on her page accusing her of getting her nose done.

“Got that nose done,” the commenter wrote.

“Girl sthu. i ain’t get s”*t done.” Jamira snapped back.

Jamira, a certified personal trainer who loves to show off her physique, then shared more of her thoughts via screenshots of the comments on her Instagram Story.

“Finna start cussing y’all dumba**es out ! I’m sick of y’all! I’m sick of y’all,” she fumed. “I understood the veneers assumption cause my teeth big af lol but my nose? Come on now ! Dummy!”

Jamira went on to vent in a separate post:

“I looked the same my entire life .. ain’t s**t changee .. I’m NATURALLY that girl .. & I stand on that !” She added, “Y’all brainwashed mf’s can’t pull my card . EVER ! & thats as much energy as I’m finna give y’all pea brain a**es ! [And] if you say ‘ i shouldn’t respond to them ‘ ima block you ! Stfu too ! Lmao.”


If Jamira was hoping to command respect from followers with her rant, it actually backfired. In comments, folks were questioning why she thought this was something to be frustrated over.

“Why is she so upset about an assumption made about her nose? Especially if she believes she’s naturally that girl?” one person wrote.

Another chimed in, “she trying to be 50 but lacks the wit.”

Do YOU think the accusation about Jamira appearing to be “too perfect” is something to be upset over?

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