Why did I leave the entertainment industry – Joy Edjeren 

Joy Edjeren, an American-born Evangelist, has revealed why she left the entertainment world to pursue a career in Evangelism.

Joy Orie, formerly known as JJ Bunny and Joy Orie, has lived in Houston, Texas since she was 13 years old and has worked in the entertainment business as an actress, singer, and screenwriter.

JJ Bunny was contracted to the Atch Record Company as a vocalist, and she has seven films under her belt as a movie producer.

She stated the heavenly cure she experienced after being unwell for months was the reason she abandoned the entertainment profession to embrace Christianity.

The former Nollywood actress, who hails from Benue State  of Nigeria, has appeared in films such as The Groom’s Bride, Governor’s Gift, The Game, and others. Her stage name was JJ Bunny while she was in Nollywood.

The Death and Birth of JJ Bunny: A First-hand Exposure to the Entertainment Industry was her first book.

When she moved to Ghana to make a movie, she became a born again Christian and lived in a hotel room for eight months, running scripts and productions.

“At some time, even though I hadn’t concluded my business in Ghana, I departed for the United States.”

“I needed new clothes to match into the characters I was going to portray in the Ghanaian movie.”

“On my journey back to Ghana after shopping in the United States, I discovered I was having health problems, so I had to call my sister for prayers, which helped me feel a little better.”

“When I arrived in Ghana, my health problems worsened, forcing me to skip the movie shoot.” I was referred to other doctors, but no remedy was found. My health had miraculously improved by the time I was transported to Abuja to visit my sister.

“I published a book called The Death and Birth of JJ Bunny to document my life, and it’s an inspiration on how my health problem went away without using drugs,” she explained.


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