The Price that comes with Owning A Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone

According to Techopedia, a mobile phone is a wireless handheld device that allows users to make and receive calls. While the earliest generation of mobile phones could only make and receive calls, today’s mobile phones do a lot more, accommodating web browsers, games, cameras, video players and navigational systems.

This device if used right has its vast benefits and usefulness of which includes.

  1. Accumulating weight from content creating
  2. Gaining fame from whatever niche you pitch your tent in
  3. Sharing of knowledge with like and unlike minds
  4. Making new connections and friends for self and business growth
  5. Helping expand others intelligence in whatever you are good at
  6. Helps ease in research and quest for answers to questions.

But everything that have an advantage verily have a disadvantage that comes with it, and they include;

  1. Mobile phones causing cock eyes, misaligned eyes due to accommodative stress on eyes..
  2. Harmful effect of Smart mobile phones on health -Cell phones causing recurrent headache due to improper posture, illumination and wrong working distance during the use of Smart mobile phones in teenagers and adults.
  3. Mobile phone causes cancer too due to the harmful radiation which are continuously emitted from the smart phones.The human body tissues are delicate structures, and if exposed to radiation in high dose or for prolonged duration, the risk of cancer increases.
  4. The risk of Accidents due to use of mobile phones while driving, crossing the road, while walking on footpath have increased dramatically.
  5. Loss of study time.
  6. Negative impact on education.
  7. Psychological problems.
  8. Development of anger, and anxiety due to games and inappropriate content.
  9. Effects of cell phone on brain.
  10. Inappropriate behavior.
  11. Learning negative habits, and malpractice from Internet.
  12. Adult sites and pornographic sites-children get exposed to inappropriate photographic advertisements, and severely damaging pornographic pop-ups.
  13. Effect of cell phone on children’s necks- called as “cell phone neck syndrome”.
  14. Negative impact on parent-child relationship.
  15. Cell phone addiction.
  16. Lack of sociable and communication skill. Socialism and communication skills are some of the key factors of the success of the people.
  17. Distraction is also one of the bad effects of mobile phones.
  18. Mobile phones emit blue light rays which can damage your eyesight.
  19. The excessive usage of mobile phones causes body pain problems, neck pain problems, illness, and also obesity.
  20. The excessive usage of mobile phones causes headphone can damage to the shell of the ears. By which people faced problems in hearing.

Most times, using phones for games or just to chat with friends can be a very bad time waster. So, use your mobile phone rightly for your own good.

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