“This is not America, I’m not a cougar” – Comedienne Chigul warns young men wooing her

by CheCheblogs

Nigerian comedienne cum actress, Chioma Omeruh, Aka Chigul, has taken to her Instagram page to call out young men who are sliding into her DMs to ask her out.

In a video shared on her page, she warns said men to stay away from her, saying that men coming to her should go back to their online classes instead of trying to woo her.

She joked that some of them would call her baby instead of addressing her as mommy and also noted that she wouldn’t mind if she is a bit older than men withing a range of four or five years but the ranges twenty and ten is something she cannot do

She said she would rather prefer to be approached by men who are within the same age range as her – Chigul, who has starred in a few blockbuster Nollywood movies went on to say that she would have nothing to talk about with the men. Chigul told all young men coming at her to find somebody else. In the video shared on her page, the actress went on to say that a lady dating a young guy cannot work in Nigeria because this is not America.

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