The reality of a failed state; Nigeria- Nnamdi Kalu echoes

by CheCheblogs

“It’s the right of Biafrans to opt for self-determination than to remain in a failed state” these were the words of the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kalu which he openly spoken with no iota of compromise or regret.

He had made this known yesterday via his twitter handle with an hastag of #BiafraExit

Yet again, the learned and patriotic biafran had thrown quite a big question at those in leadership and the populace as a whole when he asked;

How does #Nigeria expect a wiser world to faithfully supply arms to fight TERROR when it REWARDS terrorists by recruiting them into the same army that is supposed to fight the terrorists. Does this make any sense?

he went further to make quite a revelation when he added that

Weapons for Nigeria MEANS weapons for terrorists. Think!

Check him out on twitter @ChristianPost#nigeria#religiousfreedomFRC urges Trump admin. to sanction Nigeria; cut aid over inability to stop killings of ChristiansA leading evangelical conservative advocacy group is calling on the Trump administration to consider sanctions against Nigeria in response to the government’s inability to thwart communal and…

Yet again, a new report found that out of the 1,202 Nigerian Christians killed in the first half of 2020, 812 were killed by Fulani extremists. If the international community remains silent, Christians will continue to be slaughtered by these terrorists, @StateDept!1,202 Nigerian Christians killed in first 6 months of 2020: NGO reportA Nigerian civil society group estimates that 1,202 Christians have been killed in Nigeria in the first six months of 2020 by jihadists, radicalized herdsmen and others as 22 more Christians were…

Nnamdi Kalu is quite an entity to be reckoned with considering his perseverance and commitment towards the total freedom of his people, the Biafrans

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