Currently in Texas a search is ongoing for a young woman who claims to be positive for Covid-19 and is going around the city ‘willfully spreading it’.

According to a post by the Texas Police department on Twitter, she will be charged —once caught— with “terroristic threat”.

The Police who identified the lady as Lorraine Maradiaga, 18, shared a number of troubling videos on her Snapchat over the weekend.

In one of the videos, Lorraine films herself in where she says is a Walmart store and issues a strange threat to the camera, saying,

“I’m here at Walmart about to infest every (expletive), because if I’m going down, all you (expletive) are going down,”

In another video, Lorraine appears to be sitting in a car at a corona-virus drive-through testing site. A nurse is heard telling the person driving the car to go home and wait for the test results.

Maradiaga also filmed herself later that day repeatedly coughing into the camera and saying,

“If you want to get the coronavirus and (expletive) die, call me.”

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