“Telling Your Partner Where You Are And Who You’re With Is Not Being Controlled, It’s Showing Respect” – Pastor Idahosa Laurie

Entrepreneur and pastor Laurie Idahosa has said that a person who tells their partner where they are and who they are with is not a sign of control but of respect.

She recently visited her IG page to share a text picture and in her caption, she says if one is fighting the idea of being accountable then such person has to re-examine why they’re with their partner.

The image text reads,

Telling your partner where you are, who you are with, what time are you coming home is not being controlled, it’s showing RESPECT.

She captioned the text image,

Pay attention to the person / people that you naturally want to update regularly. They are your person / people.

If you’re in a relationship and you are fighting with the idea of being accountable, you probably need to re-examine why you are still with that person.

When one user asked about a case where the other partner obsessively asked about their partner’s whereabouts, she replied:

This comes after Laurie Idahosa had shared how God miraculously restored her health and completely healed her from various health problems she was suffering from.

Expressing gratitude to God on her Instagram page, Laurie Idahosa noted that she was born cross-eyed, but God straightened them out.

The mother of three revealed that her kidney had died at some point in her life, but God restored it and when she was diagnosed with infertility, He blessed her with three children.

In her words,

“Today, I’m grateful for God healing my body. Did you know that I was cross-eyed as a child? God miraculously healed my eyes and straightened them out. I had a part of my kidney that had died. God restored it. I was diagnosed with infertility, God gave me three children, naturally conceived… The list goes on and on. I look back and think… “what if God had not intervened as He did. How would my life have been?” Today, I am grateful that God still heals and that He has miraculously healed me over and over again. (Continue reading)

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