Complete Guide On Changing Netflix Region To Watch Any Country Version At Any Location

Netflix is an household name that encompasses library of movies and TV shows; however, due to licensing regulations some content is unavailable in all regions.

Thanks to modern technology, there are various tricks you can use to trick Netflix into showing different content.

Below is a thorough guide that will most assuredly help.


1. An Effective Solution, VPN!

VPN has always come in handy for wherever location you might find yourself, be you on transit also. A reputable provider offers multiple servers worldwide so that you can find one with higher chances of unlocking the desired catalog.

Some VPNs also feature Smart DNS, which enables you to appear as though you are located in another country by manipulating DNS requests on your network. Unfortunately, this method is less reliable and doesn’t encrypt your data – if traveling with a portable device this method might work better; create a WiFi hotspot on your computer connected with the VPN, connect to it, then access any desired catalog via it on iOS, Mac OSX, Windows devices as well as Roku streaming players or similar streaming media players. You can try IPVanish 3 year deal that provides long-term affordability.

2. An Alternative Plan, a Smart DNS Proxy

Netflix has always been available globally; however, certain movies or shows may only be available in specific regions due to broadcasting agreements.

Geo-blocks can be bypassed using several techniques, with VPN services providing one solution that encrypts your data and makes it appear like you’re connecting from another IP address.

Use of a Smart DNS proxy can also help. This service alters your DNS settings so it appears as though you are accessing servers located in any country of your choosing.

However, this method isn’t as secure or fast as using a VPN service like Nolagvpn, nor compatible with all devices. Therefore, using one is your best bet for watching Netflix anywhere in the world!

3. Use of a Remote Desktop Software (RDS)

Netflix provides access to an expansive catalog of shows and movies available worldwide; however, some regions may experience restricted availability due to licensing agreements.

Netflix utilizes your IP address to identify where you are based on which catalog is available in that region. If necessary, using VPN or Smart DNS proxy services you can change Netflix region accordingly.

This option works similarly to VPN but without encrypting or hiding your location. A computer located within the country whose catalog you wish to access should be used instead – making this an ideal option for travelers and movers looking to keep their Netflix account intact while traveling or relocating abroad or relocating abroad.

4. VPN App

Do you have VPN applications? If yes, then we are good to go. Netflix is available in over 190 countries and each region receives their own catalog due to licensing agreements that vary country-by-country.

Netflix uses your IP address to determine where you live and only displays content licensed for that area. A VPN service can allow users to get around this restriction by giving the impression they’re accessing another country altogether.

Utilizing a VPN to change Netflix regions is straightforward: simply download, log in and connect to a server in the country you desire. For instance, Surfshark supports more than 20 countries for unblocking Netflix on all devices – PCs (macOS and Windows), Macs, iOS devices, Android phones and TVs are supported – plus there’s even free trials and 30-day money-back guarantees available!

5. Use a VPN Server

VPNs provide the safest method of accessing multiple Netflix catalogs. While proxy servers may help mask your location temporarily, they lack the encryption and security offered by VPNs.

VPN servers allow you to conceal your true location by routing all internet traffic through one of their private servers in the country of your choosing, enabling you to watch Netflix’s catalog for that region.

Employing a VPN to change your Netflix region is straightforward and can be done from any device. Just remember to delete app data first as this could prevent Netflix from detecting your location and blocking your account; should this occur, cancel and reactivate from within your home country if needed.

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