Tboss Cries As Troll Calls Her Child A Monkey

by CheCheblogs

Tboss has literally wept over an hater who says her child looks exactly like a monkey.

A photo that she shared on social media, she got a few comments suggesting that her child looks like a monkey

Tboss took to a live session on Instagram where she lay abuses and curses on the insensitive trolls that commented on her daughter’s resemblance to a monkey.

Daddy Freeze has urged her to stop listening to negative comments.

His post reads ;

Dear @officialtboss_ …

You really need to stop listening to the trolls, your baby is gorgeous.

I used to be bothered by what people said about me online, that was 5 or 6 years ago. Today with a task as Herculean as mine, combined with knowing how stupid most of the dingbats online are, I expect the retorts and the backlash.

But many of those who come online to say shit about me, live in little holes filled with sorrow and hate. They try to transfer their suffering to me; I never accept this and neither should you!

Some come into my dm to beg for money, favors and recognition, I see them all but accord them no acknowledgment.

Stay strong sister in a hateful world! ~FRZ

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