T.I. Responds To Preposterous & ‘Parasitic’ Bernice Burgos Allegations Made By Arch-Nemesis Shekinah Jo —

TI responds to allegations made by Shekinah Jo that he was creeping with Bernice Burgos.

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T.I. and Tiny seem to always be in the crosshairs of their former friend Shekinah Jo. Every time Shekinah hops on Instagram Live or speaks on the couple, it instantly becomes drama and makes headlines. Last week, she hopped on Instagram Live spilling more tea about her dealings with the famous couple.

In the live, she tells alleged stories of how TIP disrespected her and Tiny would never check him but expected her to always defend her. She pinpoints a time when Tiny allegedly wanted her to fight Bernice Burgos due to her allegedly being romantically involved with T.I. She also states that an unnamed person encouraged Tiny to buy Shekinah’s name if she didn’t fight Bernice. She even tearfully reveals she ended up having to spend tons of money to buy her name back in the end. Tiny responded to the allegations via her IG Story.

“If you don’t have proof that whatever you be talking about is working for you man do everyone a favor and shut yo a** up” said Tiny.

Now T.I.’s stopped by V-103 Atlanta’s Big Tigger’s Morning Show and addressed the allegations himself while likening Shekinah to a “parasite.”

“Ain’t no damn story,” said T.I.  “This is a new year, every time you see my wife, we going to be looking good, feeling good for the people in the community, passing out positivity. We ain’t got no time to shed no light on no parasite…anything that has its God-given ability has to ride the coat tails to the top.”

“You ain’t ever seen me have to leech on to nothing else but God to get where I’m going. Every top of the year, they say new levels, new devils. It seems like my family is challenged. Ain’t nothing will stop God’s purpose for me and my family…no matter how far you go in life, you will never be able to stop stupid people from listening to stupid people.”

T.I. seemingly just wants to enjoy his life and stay out of drama but every time the drama dies down, something else pops up. With Shekinah being a close family friend for such a long time and then falling out with T.I. and Tiny, the pain is real on her end. Until they get some sort of understanding, we will probably continue to get new details on what went wrong in their friendship.

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