“She married the personality, not the disability” – Physically-challenged Man tells trolls who mocked his new bride

by CheCheblogs

Physically challenged man whose wedding photos recently went viral has hit back at trolls who claim his beautiful wife married him because of his money.

Damilola Akintade, who is a successful graphics designer got married to a lady named Vivian in May 2020

After the wedding, Nigerians had a lot to say. Some claimed his wife only agreed to marry him because he’s successful.

Damilola responds to trolls while sharing adorable photos from his wedding day.

He said ;

Because it seem impossible to you doesn’t make it impossible for God.

To social media users you believed she married me because of wealth or desperation, please note that anything worthwhile has the hand of God in it.

I am a man like any one of you out there. I am not a silver-spoon born and bred man, but I have prospect!
She married the ‘personality’, not the ‘disability’.

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