Prophet Racine preaches at SCOAN Sunday service first time since Evelyn Joshua takeover

Evelyn Joshua and Prophet Racine

Leader of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) Pastor Evelyn Joshua, for the first time since she took over administration of the church, left the pulpit for Prophet Racine to preach to the congregation on Sunday, December 26.

Evelyn, widow of the church’s founder Prophet TB Joshua, had been taking the duty of giving sermons by herself since the church reopened for in-person meetings on December 6, 2021 after 21 months of COVID-19-enforced closure.

Prophet Racine, one of five wise men during Joshua’s era, titled his sermon Back to God, reading Luke 15: 12-13; 17, 20.

Racine began by saying, “An encounter with Prophet T.B. Joshua in his office in 2002 changed my life forever! Today I am here to tell you that the joy that Prophet T.B. Joshua sowed in us is permanent because the legacy lives and continues!”

Continuing his sermon, the preacher said, “God is waiting for every true worshipper at the point of His Spirit. That is the deepest relationship with God: heart-to-heart with God!

“What is the state of your heart today? Do you feel far from God? If you feel far away, there is hope for you. The transforming promise that Christ Jesus offers is liberation. Jesus Christ is the answer to all fundamental issues of life.”

Racine concluded his sermon by telling the congregation to decide to return to God and get ready to experience inner piece.

He also joined Evelyn to pray for the worshippers during the mass prayer session introduced on December 19.

They ministered the new anointing water to the sick, children, youth and nursing mothers.

Racine has since the church’s reopening on December 6 being the only visible wise man in the church. Wise men John Chi, Daniel and Christopher left before the death of Joshua while Racine and Harry remained.

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