The now-popular dancing pallbearers group have revealed they would increase their charges after the the pandemic dies down.

The dancing pallbearers became one of the most popular meme icons on social media as they were used as a means of comic relief for people all over the world in these difficult COVID times.

In their first interview since their new found fame, the group led by one Benjamin Aidoo revealed that they have started receiving calls from all over the world due to the explosion of fame they received in recent times.

The leader said after the pandemic is over, they are definitely going to increase their prices to match up with the new level of demand brought on by their fame.

Aidoo said ;

“The popularity we have received is booming our business now. We would increase our prices after the coronavirus. For now, we have a manager in Kenya and we have a lawyer too in Kenya. the lowest in it is the black and white and the highest is the all-white. “For outside Ghana the highest we charge is $3000 excluding transportation, food and accommodation,” he added.