Pettiest Reactions To Monet’s Bald & Bearded Buddentanglement Boiling Over, Tariq Slithering Out Of Jail & More —

Oh Monet…

Power Book II: Ghost assets

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We’re still reeling from the explosive “Power Book II: Ghost” midseason finale where Tariq was arrested for the murders of Detective Ramirez and Professor Reynolds before receiving a note from his father (via lawyer Daniel Warren) taunting him at his lowest moment.

Naturally, we thought there would be helpful information or a number to call but it was just Ghost being the pettiest father-murdered-by-his-son ever from the grave.

“I knew you’d end up here lil n*gga… right where you belong,” he wrote in the cold-blooded letter that shook up the entire Powerverse.

Power Book II assets

Source: STARZ

As expected, Tarig slithers out of prison with help from slimy Councilman Tate in exchange for Rick Sweeney’s shady yearbook that would give him the juice necessary to steal his congressional seat.

As for the Tejada family, well, Lorenzo is back home and Monet isn’t feeling it at all despite the kids being happy. She also isn’t feeling his plan to hand the family business to Dru instead of getting out the game and following Zeke to the NBA.

Now, faced with the reality that she’s in too deep with Dante, Monet cuts him off without knowing he’s her new connect secured by Cane who always believes he’s playing chess instead of checkers.

Power Book II: Ghost assets

Source: STARZ

There’s also the developing rivalry between Carrie and Lauren, Tariq vowing to take down the Tejada family, Cane thinking he’s got the best of Tariq, Davis withholding valuable information from Tariq and working with Monet, and the return of Effie who comforts Tariq in a key moment that surely has future ramifications.

At this point, we’re bracing for shocking plot twists including the deaths of multiple characters by season’s end.

How do you think Dante reacts to being cut off by Monet? Do you think Cane makes it to Season 3? Tell us down below and peep the funniest (and pettiest) reactions to Episode 6 on the flip.

“Brayden’s reaction on @ghoststarz when Tariq tried to give him the whole “you grew up with a rich family, you don’t have to do this” speech!” – *cackles*

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