OAU student: Oduduwa University founder’s lawyer counters blogger on CCTV footage

Ramon Adedoyin

Lawyer of Ramon Adedoyin, who is the owner of Hilton Hotel and Resorts in Osun State, has questioned claims that a close circuit television (CCTV) footage of the hotel revealed the identities of those involved in the alleged murder of a postgraduate student, Timothy Adegoke.

Mr Adegoke was a student of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) before he was found dead. Adedoyin and others were arrested after the police discovered Adegoke had lodged in the hotel days before his disappearance.

An Ibadan-based blogger Oriyomi Hamzat had claimed that a CCTV footage showed Adedoyin, who is also the founder of Oduduwa University, entering Adegoke’s room.

However, the hotelier’s lawyer Abiodun Williams in a statement on Sunday challenged anyone who has such footage to submit it to the police.

He urged the public to disregard the claim that Adedoyin, his son and staff of the hotel murdered the student.

“The police have not released any official statement on the outcome of their investigations so far,” the statement read.

“Dr Adedoyin was not in the hotel at the time of the incident and could not have been seen on any CCTV footage.

“As his legal counsel, we believe in his innocence as he was not even in Ile-Ife or has been in the hotel at least one month before the incident.

“These claims are just social media bullying and wicked propaganda.

“We are, therefore, curious to see CCTV footage showing our client entering Adegoke’s room and, therefore urge Oriyomi Hamzat to post the footage online if only to show that his previous allegations were not deliberate efforts to incite the public against Dr Adedoyin.”

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