Nigerians should know I’ve done my best for them: Buhari —

Nigerians should know I’ve done my best for them: Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari says he expects Nigerians to reflect on his performance and admit he gave his “best” to this country after he leaves office.

“I’ve given my best, and I hope after I leave, Nigerians will reflect. I’m not expecting any appreciation but what I’m expecting is for Nigerians to say this man has done his best. That’s what I’m expecting from Nigerians,” Mr Buhari said.

Mr Buhari, whose regime will expire by May 2023, made this statement in an interview with Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) aired on Thursday night.

The President said having served as minister and military governor in time past, there is nothing else he could have done for the country.

“I’ve been a governor, a minister, and I’m in my second term as president. So, I’ve gone through all the systems, and what else can I do for this country?” Buhari said.

Mr Buhari has faced harsh criticisms for his poor handling of state affairs since he assumed office over six years ago.

Under Buhari’s watch, the country became the poverty capital of the world with record high unemployment rate standing at 33.3 per cent as of fourth quarter of 2020. This is also as the country twice entered economic recession under his regime.

Nigerians had hoped that Mr Buhari would deploy his experience as a retired general and former head of military junta to ward off the country’s burgeoning insecurity.

In contrast, the Boko Haram insurgency has persisted and even transmuted into banditry, seeping through all parts of the northern region.

Separatist agitations have also enveloped the South, flagellating on accusations of nepotism against Mr Buhari.

Source: Peoples Gazette

Nigerians should know I’ve done my best for them: Buhari

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