Nigerians have solely expressed their anger towards a man who died of Coronavirus at Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) after lying about his travel history upon being admitted at the medical facility.

The man who died is a 55-year-old hypertensive and diabetic patient presented to LUTH’s emergency unit on Thursday night with “malaise, tremors, and fever.” The hospital only discovered after his death that he had Coronavirus. A Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test was done on his blood posthumously and it tested positive for Coronavirus.

Olufunmilayo, the Nigerian doctor who corroborated the claim has disclosed that 4 doctors have gone into isolation following their exposure to the late Coronavirus patient, whose family lied about his symptoms and hid the fact that he just came back from Europe.

His tweets;

“4 doctors in LUTH Lagos have gone into isolation as we speak. They were exposed to a patient in the accident and emergency room whose family has lied about his symptoms and hid the fact that he just came back from Europe. If your family is a health worker, Pls pray for them.

The patient was put in the same open space with many other patients who were also in the LUTH emergency room. Doctors, nurses, cleaners, and other health workers have been exposed to the man. The patient is now dead. And he is confirmed positive for Coronavirus.

So as we speak now Many doctors, nurses, health workers who attended to that patient without special protection outfit may have caught the virus. Except you are a health worker at the battlefront, you will never understand that everyday at work, these people’s lives are at risk.”

Below are comments from concerned Nigerians;