Genevive Nnaji

Quite an handful of Nigerians men have a huge crush on Nollywood actress, Genevieve Nnaji when she graced our screens with her irresistible beauty and theatrics prowess in movies.

Faces lits with smiles when it’s discovered that the actress will be starring in a movie one was about to watch. A lot of us grew up loving this gorgeous being and it’s no doubt that a lot of us still love her even more, now.

This gorgeous actress who leads a quite private lifestyle— occasionally blesses her fans with sumptuous photos of herself on her social media page and every once in a while too, shows a fun side of her in videos of her engaging in a fun activity like dancing.

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women in the country, Genevieve’s beauty always have her fans guessing what the secret is to her seemingly ageless nature.

One among the few female celebrities who can dauntlessly flaunt a makeup free photo and be absolutely loved for the natural beauty, Genevieve continues to leave her fans wanting more of her.

In recent photos shared of her, Genevieve goes makeup free and looks so gorgeous that it has most of her followers begging her to let out the secret to having such ageless beauty.

Genevieve's agelessness
Genevieve's agelessness

Read reactions below;

Share the recipe for this immortality serum  How can you be aging backwards”

”You really need to write a book and tell us how to remain forever young and beautiful”

”The old habits die hard……the celeb that refuse to get old”

”Daaaaaaaamn I can marry you with no regrets bout age differences”

”Africa woman, you are always looking young every day”

”You want to cause problem to this our generation. You want the girls In their 20s to say dey are old abi. Mama try old small abeg.”