Nigerian man shares experience on how he went from having a 3rd class from UI to a First class from a UK university up

by CheCheblogs

Nigerian man who graduated with a third class from the University of Ibadan has taken to social media to share his story after he graduated from the University of Plymouth with a first class.

Oluwadara said he didn’t give his best while schooling in UI and, as a result, he had to come back for an extra semester after his mates had graduated.

He further said he found it hard to get jobs because he graduated with a third class.

Deciding to travel abroad and get a first degree again and he just graduated with a First class. He said he was working two jobs while schooling but he was determined to make his parents proud this time.

Read the story below.

By far my biggest flex till date. My journey from a 3rd class to a 1st class

— Oluwadara. (@watch_me_rice) July 22, 2020

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