“Nigeria is not easy for the youths” – Nigerian Lady who gained admission in 2014 laments as she is yet to graduate after 6 years

by CheCheblogs

AS young lady popularly known as Alchemist on Twitter, as taken to the platform to share her ordeal as an undergraduate in Nigeria.

Alchemist had concluded that Nigeria is not easy for the youth, disclosing that she gained admission to the university in 2014 for a for five year program, and she’s yet to graduate even after six years.

The undergraduate lays the fault on the Nigerian education system for her inability to graduate, as she claims she has no spill over

The young lady recounted her story that she gained admission at the age of 19, and would’ve expected that by the time she was 24 she would have been a graduate.

The aggrieved Nigerian youth in a tweet emphasized that the country is hard.

Her tweet goes thus;

“Got Admitted into University 2014 at the age of 19 ,offered a 5 year degree program but we are in 2020 and 2 months to 2021 and I’m still not a graduate without spill over or something like that , life in Nigeria is not easy for the youths.”

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