Nice Try! Simon Guobadia Posts Proof That He Didn’t Regift Falynn Pina’s $400K Rolls Royce & Give It To Porsha Williams — Legit Naija

If you care about rich people’s problems, a businessman is posting proof that he dished out big bucks on a brand new Rolls Royce for his fiancée.

Porsha and Simon

Source: Marcus Ingram / Bravo

Porsha Williams’ fiancé Simon Guobadia is reacting to rumors that he shadily swiped a previous present from his ex-wife and gave it to the former housewife.

On Wednesday Porsha proudly posted pictures of a shiny Rolls Royce Ghost that reports runs for $398K MSRP.

“The only way you win is if I quit!” Porsha captioned the pics. “#ThankYouHubby #PhotoDump #LivingLife #ThePursuitOfPorsha #RRGhost,” she added.

She also made sure to share pics of the pricy car’s interior that included orange and black trim.

Unfortunately for Porsha, several people pointed out that the car looks eerily similar to a car that Simon’s ex-wife Falynn Pina posted in 2020.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Source: Real Housewives of Atlanta / Bravo

TheShadeRoom reposted pictures of Porsha and Falynn standing beside Rolls Royces and in the comments, several fans alleged that Porsha’s luxury vehicle was actually a regift.

“He has the same taste two years later!” wrote one follower. “It’s giving recycled,” added another.

If you look closely, however, you can see that Falynn’s car indeed does have the matching orange interior—but her vehicle is a two-door.

Clearly privy of the regifting rumors, Simon’s since shut them down via a reshared Instagram story from @HighEndHaulz, the transportation service that delivered the car to his Atlanta mansion.

“Beautiful brand new Rolls Royce Ghost,” @HighEndHaulz captioned a pic of the car being dropped off. “Big congrats!”

Simon later added in TheShadeRoom’s comments that the car pictured alongside his ex is a Rolls Royce Dawn, not Porsha’s Rolls Royce Ghost.

“Nice try folks lol. I’ve owned that 2-door RR Dawn since 2018 and STILL in my garage to this day lol. Love the pettiness though😂😂”

So much for that.

What do YOU think about Porsha’s [brand new] Rolls Royce Ghost gift?

Must be niiiiiiice.

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