by CheCheblogs

The fragile damsel I love;

Noble than a thousand soil.

Motivation that bids me move;

For your comfort I have toil.

Those eye of the village beauty,

Softer than any in my dream.

Smile that melts the hardest heart,

Was lost to an hunter in a stream.

Have spent years planning for us,

Striving, fighting, toiling so much.

To bring you into this home of affluence,

Where no hardship to your happiness may influence.

I am the greatest farmer from Agbo clan,

I have barns of yam than any man ever can.

With an aluminum roof over my head,

Just to win your heart my lady best.

Now I sorrow, who can comfort?

When my lady was lost to an hunter.

Oh! my heart is broken, teeth I gnash,

As next Eke she is married to the monster.

I will live my life alone,

Nay! I can’t love another.

What could she have seen in an hunter?

That made her forgot my barns of yam.

Written By

Anthony Faith Chechem

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