Mummy G.O: Controversial preacher woman takes social media by storm

Mummy G.O of Kpatakpata fame

A clergywoman whose real name is yet to be known is fast becoming a social media sensation over her controversial sermons.

The woman first caught the attention of social media users in 2021 with her rendition of the song ‘Kpatakpata.’

Clips of her controversial messages have become commonplace on many WhatsApp statuses and Facebook updates.

The woman’s controversial messages are fast making her famous among young people on social media just as Anambra-based preacher Prophet Odumeje went viral in 2020 due to his comical demeanour.

In one of her viral messages, the clergywoman said break dancing originated from the land of the dead.

“Where was break dancing generated from? Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson collected the power of his dancing from the land of the dead. Skeletons cannot dance like normal people, so anything break dance is for skeletons. If you are dancing break dance you are telling God ‘I am dead.’”

In one of several memes which have been shared multiple times on social media, the woman popularly known as Mummy G.O, that is Mummy General Overseer, said boys who continue to give girls money in 2022 will be giving away their glory.

Also, the clergywoman claimed in another video that the US-based media company Walt Disney projects the numbers 666 in the design of its name. 666 is the mark of the Antichrist as noted in the Bible.

On COVID-19 vaccine, she said in another video that those who take them should never anticipate heaven. According to her, the vaccine deletes a certain code from God in man and puts a new one which means one does not exist in the sight of God.

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