Mide Martins gives reason why she’s lost good people in her life

by CheCheblogs

Nollywood actress, Mide Martins has given the reason why over time, she’s lost some good people in her life.

According to actress Mide, she lost people in her life because they wronged her and she failed in letting them be aware of how they made her feel.

In a message to her fans and followers, she stated that this is applicable to most people who have lost good people too.

Her words;

“Too Many Times We Lose
Good People In Our Lives Because
They Did Us Wrong And We
Failed To Tell Them Because
We Felt They Ought To Know”

In somewhat unrelated news, the actress had once stated in an interview that Doggy style is the best for married couples.

“Yes, I said we do doggy styles and I don’t think it’s offensive. I won’t disclose whose favourite it is because that is a family issue. At the same time, sex is a normal thing, it is a necessity in marriage. Things have really changed, that the missionary style of sex is a thing of the past. Every married woman should learn to follow the new styles.

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