“Mercy and I are still romantically entangled” – BBNaija Ike publicize

by CheCheblogs

Former BBNaija model, Ike Onyeoma has revealed that he is still romantically entangled with his babe, Mercy Eke, who he met while in the BBN house, but they’re yet to be engaged traditionally.

He also revealed that he not putting Mercy’s pictures on his social media space and vice versa was a mere strategy to have their fans and brands strong.

The model had also noted that they had been incredibly supportive of each other’s businesses as they intentionally reduced posting their pictures on their social media handles.

“We are still doing our thing, we have not officially done the engagement or moved in together yet, but she comes to my place every other day and I go to her place as well.

“We still go to each other’s house and try not to overdo it, maybe stay the night or two, but not too much, just because of tradition.

“When it comes to business, things have gotten a lot better, before it was more like all of us as ex-housemates were in a competition with each other, but now, everyone is finding their place and we are all comfortable helping each other out.

“I will say the Mercy & Ike show was like a blessing because, before the show, we were both focused on our fan base and trying to keep our fan base strong, it was really an idea that promoting one another will weaken our brand.

“Like if I was to promote Mercy, it will weaken my brand or if she was to promote my brand it will weaken her brand, that is the kind of idea people were giving us.

“So, I am now going private, posting just myself and not showing anything about Mercy really calmed things down,” he said.

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