Even the virus wasn’t meant to stop this.

Irrespective of the lockdown order issued by the government to curb and contain the spread of the Corona Virus Disease, and a lot social events have had to be put on hold or canceled due to the directive.

There’s been a whole load of cases where local authorities disrupts social gatherings as people have been warned not to engage in such so this couple seems to keep to the rule and still carry on with their wedding.

In a photo shared on Facebook by user, Tony Matinjah a groom and a bride are seen wearing their wedding ring inside what looks like a living room and according to Matinjah, we’re seeing the couple have their wedding ceremony inside a living room.

The user shared the photo with the caption,

Couples that got married in a living room in Taraba State.
Kindly wish them well.
You don’t need to postpone that wedding just yet.
#StaySafe #SitAtHome #HML #Wedding