Meet erotic weight gainer who followers pay $20 a month just to watch him excite them with his massive tummy

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A man whose gigantic belly appeals to the fat fetish community has disclosed that he eats around 10,000 calories a day, to maintain his “ball gut” and keep his followers entertained and excited.

44-year-old Bryan, who goes by the nickname Gainer Bull, began gaining weight more than 20 years ago and started “bulking up” his stomach.

Explaining that his weight gain turned sexual as a teenager as he began to realize being bigger added to his arousal. Now weighing 500 pounds, Bryan, from Palm Beach, Florida, makes money as an OnlyFans influencer. Subscribers pay $20 a month for his content.

Speaking to Metro, he said his loading sessions, which he shares with his followers, involve him eating four times the standard amount of calories for an adult male and comes at great expense.

On a typical day, he eats 10,000 calories or more but says weight gain does not come easily to him. He often has followers encouraging him to eat more to see how much weight he can add on.

He had said,

“It’s been years of escalating my intake and bringing to increase my capacity but these days just the regular eating keeps me going though sometimes an encourager or two like to really push me to go much farther.”

Bryan used to be a slim man in years past.

He intentionally began putting on weight as he said he realized his body getting bigger got him excited.

Apart from OnlyFans, Bryan also has significant following on Instragram, where he shares regular updates on the progress of his ever-growing stomach.

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