Man marries a transgender prison inmate he fell in love with.

by CheCheblogs

Adriel has fallen in love with a Transgender woman, a fellow inmate like himself while in prison and has married ‘her’ after she was released.

Monae, the transgender is 29- years old and has won the heart of Adriel, when he first caught sight of her working in the laundry room.

The couple who fell in love had loads of hurdles on the way and found dating tough behind bars while faced hostility from both fellow inmates and prison staff. They got together whenever they could, meeting in the library or the gym for movie nights.

In spite of the barriers and stumbles, Adriel proposed to Monae and they initially hoped to get married when they were both still inmates but ultimately had to wait until Monae was released to get the right paperwork.

Despite opposition from prison officials and inmates they still made out time for each other and spent quality time during dinners, movie nights and even read at the library together while in prison.

Adriel’s words to Truly were;

 ‘I think being inside was the foundation that made our relationship. ‘I saw Monae at her lowest, Monae saw me at my lowest. I saw her at her happiest, she’s seen me at my happiest.’

‘We wanted to get married as inmates in the prison but there was no policy in place to marry two inmates at the time’.

Monae part;

 ‘We had that unique bond in prison, so I guess what makes us stronger.’

Immediately Monae left prison she rushed to have top and bottom surgery ahead of their wedding day. Monae’s mother and godfather were the only family members that attended .

Adriel added;

 ‘I got my hair braided, I got my state browns pressed with starch and all that. It was in the visiting room. Nobody was there, it was just me, Monae, Monae’s mother, Monae’s godfather, a couple of councilors, union manager and the lady that officiated the wedding and the reverend.’

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