Man commits suicide in Kano

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Ibrahim Abubakar was on Thursday evening found hanging from the celing of his shop located along Zoo Road in Kano metropolis. The deceased sells car batteries and tires.

Man commits suicide in Kano (photos)

Eye witnesses said the deceased attended the 4pm Laasar prayers alongside other worshipers after which they all left for their respective shops. On his way to his shop, Iro had stopped at a neighbour’s shop where he collected a rope. 

When he got to his shop, he sent away his biological son to buy food and another shopkeeper on another errand before locking himself up in the shop.

When his son returned with the food he found the shop locked and after waiting for a while, he became suspicious and alerted neighbours. 

The neighbour whose rope the deceased collected also became suspicious and alerted the police.

The police officers arrived and upon breaking the shop, they found the deceased’s lifeless body hanging from the rope. 

Muhammad Shehu spoke about the incident on the social media platform. According to him, he had an interview with Abubakar’s neighbours who told him the deceased was suffering from mental illness.

Man commits suicide in Kano (photos)

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