Lady dies of childbirth complications, two days after her birthday in Abuja.

by CheCheblogs

Lady died from childbirth complications just two days after she happily celebrated her birthday in Abuja.

Chioma Ubine took to her facebook page to mourn the deceased, wrote ;

She celebrated her birthday on 1st September, 2020 and died alone with the baby on 3rd September, 2020 while given birth. What a painful death.
May GOD save all our pregnant women allover the globe 
R. I. P Roseline David.

Another friend of the deceased wrote ;

David Roseline why do you have to go too soon? Rosa you break my heart like hell, but Rosa I just posted your birthday pictures day before yesterday, so why do I have to still post your death picture too why? all our plans to achieve great things together has been taken away but you promised to do many things with me whyyyyyyyyyyy

I wish tears could bring you back my darling friend after all our suffering in Uniabuja why do you have to go now??? It’s so hard to say RIP my darling friend

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