Lady diagnosed with acne shocks many after sharing photos of her facial transformation

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A lady has taken to social networking platform, Twitter to join the “how it started vs how it’s going/ended” trend and her own version of the trend has shocked a lot of people.

The lady, Tshego.M @MokateTshegoo on the platform, shared her healing process after she was diagnosed with facial skin disease, Acne.

In photos Tshego shared on her page, Tshego revealed her ordeal with the disease and how it affected her self esteem. According to her, the whole healing process took six months and her confidence level has now boosted.

Sharing her transformation photos, she also wrote about her journey. She wrote,

The day i went to the dermatologist and i was prescribed oratane . Remember with oratane , everything gets worse before it gets better . All of this rash developed into acne as I proceeded with the treatment.

My doctor recommended i pair my treatment with a chemical peel each month , however i wasn’t happy with the results so after the first month I decided i’m not doing it anymore. As weeks and months went by , the acne became dry , peeled off and i had less breakouts.

Month 6 . The final month
I had alot of hyperpigmentation, was abit lighter than my normal complexion , dry skin obviously , but i was excited to finish my treatment more than anything really . It was a tough 6 months of taking in a lot of pills daily.

My acne did a number on my self esteem this year . It was a never ending cycle of waking up with more breakouts , a bleeding face and pain on pain . Acne is so damaging i will not even wish it on my worst enemy.

My skin is not yet perfect , i have a few cysts on the right cheek that i need to get rid of , my hyperpigmentation has gotten much better since my last pill but one thing about oratane , even after the treatment you will see improvements

Be kind to people struggling with acne . My family and friends have been there through and through and wow man , I’m so so grateful i went through all of this during lockdown because i doubt i would have made it if life was ‘ normal ‘

Because i had severe acne , my dermatologist gave me the dose of 70mg , each month .
Depending on your acne you dose may be slightly lower than mine .
Dermatologist: dr Newaj , kempton park

More of her photos lies below,

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