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“It was God that saved me” — Actor, Emeka Ike speaks on being a victim of abuse in marriage

“It was God that saved me” — Actor, Emeka Ike speaks on being a victim of abuse in marriage

Veteran Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike has taken to his Instagram page reveal that he was once a victim of abuse in his marriage.
The actor who initially got separated from his wife, Suzanne Emma, in 2015 after she filed for a divorce on grounds of domestic violence.
However, their divorce became official in 2017. After this, he proceeded to wed his South African heartthrob, Yolanda Pfeiffer.
Recently, the actor shared his opinion on abuse in marriage and stated that women tend to be more abusive in marriage which explains why men usually die first.

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According to him, he was a victim of abuse in his marriage and it was God that saved him.
However, he didn’t disclose if he was referring to his first or second marriage.
Emeka commented,
“Pls, pls do your research well. Most women abuse men more lately. They don’t love again. Most of them marry you for your money and make your life miserable, if not kill you.
I was a victim. Why are kidnappers and armed robbers wives not crying out? Why must it be very rich and successful men lately? Violent men are in the cover while this “kill and get rich” model spreads unrecognized.
Not saying there are no deadbeat men but the increase on the other gender manipulative edge is totally ignored. Why do men have to always die before women in marriage? Ask your father. Ask your grand father. That’s if they are still alive to tell you things.
Pls, pls lets stop encouraging this wicked, misleading and greedy women, with this mudane top. Na God save me.”

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