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My name is Daberechi and right now you are about reading my life story. Would you mind if i spice it all up or come out clean as it happened?

This story began when i was 17 years, already in SS3 and preparing hard for my SSCE. I must admit, i have long noticed the strange and disturbing way my English teacher looks at me. Mr Ambrose was a corper posted at All Girls Secondary School Alikwo. He has a sound accent that kind of attracts the girls to hear more of him, 5 feet inches and quite handsome for a man of 28 years as he told us the first day he entered SS3 to introduce himself…

Mother have warned me severally to beware of lions in men clothing and as a good girl that was well brought up, i have kept all her rules and i guess that’s what has helped me this far. Mr Ambrose made me his class captain in English Language and i enjoy the fame that comes with it, i wasn’t as alert neither was i ready for the sacrifice that comes with it…

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