Self-proclaimed Queen of Nature and Humanist, Mmmsinachi Peculiar has taken to her social media page to share her thoughts on the pandemic currently rocking the world.

In her post questioned the existence of God and said if he truly exists, he owes her an apology because he allowed the pandemic to poison nature.

Her post on Instagram;


World happenings are enough to tell us that there’s no sky god no where, #you Are Your Own God! People are confused and insane yet with brains. The once cherished and “get it all” places of miracles and healings cum churches and mosques are shut down to a deadly virus with code name Covid-19 (Corona Virus). What does all these tell us? What have they finally revealed?

1. Nature doesn’t poison itself and its own, never! Nature can never ever advance anything so dreadful and capable of wiping it out of existence. Nature ensures the cycles of food, gases, etc for existences forever (both physical and spiritual). Covid-19 isn’t a natural disease but a bio weapon. I know this because nature has spoken to me already. Think of it, just as the body via its cells creates immunity and replenishes worn out cells/tissues without introducing diseases to the body rather prevent them or/and jettison them so nature does also, this is because we are a microcosm of the macrocosm (a smaller nature of the bigger nature or a smaller universe of the bigger universe).

2. Christianity et al has no remedy or remedies when it comes to healing us and our world, rather it/they destroy(s) us by instilling morbid fear in the hearts and minds of earth citizens, preaching a hellish fiery place and a cool cozy heaven. Hogwash! I mean it has come to practical use of the powers of the Church/churches, congregations, etc, but what do we observe today? Even those at the helm of religions affairs (Popes, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Priestesses, Elders, Pastors, Imams) have all ran off and closed down churches, especially the mega ones that accommodate huge congregation for fear of Covid-19. Where are the miracles so promised the world in catastrophic events like this? Where are the powers of healings so promised the sick and affected? I mean if a pastor can take in poison and be bitten by snakes and scorpions and nothing happens what then is the fear of Covid-19 for? Is their deity god (Jesus, Jehovah, Yashua, Jah, Yehoshua, El, etc) not the same yesterday, today and forever? Are these words not borrowed?