I staked my client’s N880,000 in sport betting and lost it all – Nigerian man narrates

by CheCheblogs

Nairaland user has narrated how he lost 880,000 naira after he staked the said amount on sport betting.

Read his narration below, as well as a screenshot of his bet slip!

Good day, everyone.

Yesterday was one of the most confusing days for me. For a moment, I almost ran mad.

Two weeks ago, I didn’t even know what betting was like. Never done it, never experienced it. I hardly knew what the numbers meant.

Fast forward to yesterday, Tuesday, 28 July, I was risking a client’s money on a game I thought was ‘a sure bet.’

It was an eSports game I’ve been following for a while. I knew the players involved were very skilled and could score for fun. They did so in over 10 successive matches last night. So I thought it was worthwhile betting they’d score at least 2 goals.

I tried to do so in three attempts, but didn’t have the mind to follow through, only for the matches to end up with at least 3 goals or more.

Informed by this, I thought it was safe to go on ahead and play this one time. I did. Unfortunately, both matches didn’t end like I had predicted.

Over 800k was gone in a flash. I couldn’t believe it. Seeing the signs, I attempted a cash out while the match was still live but couldn’t, as the option wasn’t available.

You may wonder why I had to risk such a huge sum.

It’s simple; think I got greedy. embarassed

However, my excuse was that I needed money to offset some bills. Faced with so much responsibilities, I thought winning over a million naira would go a long way in helping me take care of stuff since business hasn’t been coming in so much. The tile money I used was my first business since March, before the lockdown.

But, of course, my greed overshadowed any excuse I could offer.

To all the young men out there, please, regardless of how sure you are, do not stake more money than you’re willing to lose. I’ve been there. The allure of making it big sooner can be overwhelming, but don’t risk it.

If you must, stake little sums and make future bets from your winnings.

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