” I am not a lesbian” Actress Bukunmi Oluwashina cries out.

by CheCheblogs

Reports have gone viral as to the assumption that actress Bukunmi Oluwashina might be a lesbian.

Nollywood Award winning actress, Bukun has countered that assumption with her own facts.

She went on to cite that dressing like a tomboy doesn’t literary makes one a lesbain adding that she actually have a boyfriend to show for it. “I prefer the company of guys to ladies” the actress said.

She said;

“Tom boy does not mean you are a lesbian, as a matter of fact, I don’t get to keep girlfriends (Female friends) closer like I do keep my boy friends. The closest people around me are all guys, plenty. And all we do is to discuss business not prick (Laughs). Productive conversation is the only thing that can get me addicted to someone. I’m not that romantic like people think. I’m a freaking introvert”.

“But When its time for you all to meet my man, when he shows up, you probably see him. Not promising though because I love a private life. I always don’t like talking about or posting the most beautiful part of my life on the media, because people ruin beautiful things. I kinda have anthropophobia. But God would help me when that time comes sha. The most important thing now is hustle”, she added.

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