Heartwarming Moment A Nigerian Man Proposed To His Girlfriend Onboard An Airplane (Video)

A Nigerian couple is currently in vogue on social media after the man asked the marriage question while they were on a plane to Lagos.

Nigerian man proposed

In the heartwarming proposal video shared on social media, a flight attendant announced that someone was about to say something special to a lady named Sandra and politely asked her to stand up.

As soon as she got up, her boyfriend, who was sitting next to her, knelt with a ring box in his hand and asked her to marry him.

Nigerian man proposed

She accepted his proposal without hesitation and he put the engagement ring on her finger to the cheers of the other passengers.

Watch the video below,

In a piece of related news, a Nigerian skincare specialist has been gifted 2.5 Million Naira by her man for saying “YES” to his marriage proposal.The lady who is popularly known as @swiss_scarlet shared a video of the surprise proposal on her Instagram page and it drew massive reactions.

In the video, the waiters brought out a dessert plate that said, “Will you marry me?” boldly written on it, next to a piece of cake and the engagement ring.

At first, she didn’t care about the covered plate, but her friend insisted that she open the plate, and her reaction after seeing the question was priceless.

The excited “bride-to-be” accepted his proposal without thinking too much that her man had something else planned for her. While she was still admiring her ring, the waiters brought an envelope containing 2.5 million Naira and handed it to her.

According to the man, the money is her reward for being by his side when he had nothing and for saying YES to his proposal. (Watch the video here)

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