Group to set up club to discover football talents among Fulani nomads

A Fulani socio-cultural group, Kauta Hore says it would establish a football association for nomadic children in Jigawa state.

This was announced by the state chairman of the association, Umar Dubantu, in Dutse on Monday.

Mr Dubantu said sports club will motivate and encourage young nomads to actively partake in sporting activities, particularly at the grassroots.

He noted further that the gesture would pave the way for the discovery of talents, adding that it would also enhance the development of football in the state.

The Fulani leader explained that a talent discovery drive across the state was in the offing, with plans to select at least one player each from the state’s 27 Local Government Areas.

He noted that there were many talented children among the nomads not only in football, but other sports, but they failed to be recognised.

“There are many talented Fulani players in the state and these children are not only good at playing football, but other sports. However, no attempt is being made to discover them.

“For instance, there is a 14-year-old Fulani boy that is very good at lifting heavy things, in fact, he can lift heavy things that are unexpected for him at his age.

“So this boy, and many others, can be discovered and groomed as our future weightlifters.

“Therefore, this is what we plan to do, in order to discover and bring out such talented Fulani boys to the world, so that they will be our shining stars and future champions in years to come,” the chairman said.

He further pointed out that the gesture would socially lead to the inclusion of the Fulani youth  in all aspects of life, like their counterparts across the country.

Fulani nomads in Nigeria are known to be preoccupied with pastoralism, living all their lives about their cows. Kaura Hore’s move could mean a shift in paradigm for the vast population of young nomads.


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