“Degree certificate does not determine your success in life” – Reno Omokri

by CheCheblogs

Nigerian author and social media commentator, Reno Omokri, took to social media to where he gave out his regular dose of advice to followers.

In this advice, he told everyone to work extra hard even after getting a degree as a degree does not determine success in life.

”Get education. But don’t let your certificate define you. Certificates limit people who feel that it makes them too good for a job or business, and so stay jobless, waiting for a job that befits their certificates, and as illiterate progress above them! Don’t relax because you have a degree.

”A degree is a certificate that you went to school, not a certificate that you will be successful. Those without certificate often succeed and employ those with certificates‬, because they are not too proud to start small
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