The suddent death of Nollywood actor, Alkali “Matt” aka “Dareng” of the African Magic series ‘Halita, remains a shock to any who hears of it.

Dimbo Atiya, the film maker made known the fact that the actor died on set in Keffi, Nasarawa state.

Controversial journalist, Kemi has openly made known her own presumed fact in regards to his death.

Hear her;

#Breaking, Dareng died today on the set of his movie. He was EXPOSED to someone with #Covid19. People are dropping like flies in NYC and Italy. I have warned and warned. Pls go into #selfisolation, stop filming at this time. Someone on that set was infected. I tweeted all day. Matt Alkali was only 36yo. A very careful autopsy should be done. Virus is always active and bodies should be cremated #RIP young man. NOLLYWOOD #dosomething
#IJcovid19 #CommunityQuarantine #CoronaCrisis #coronavirusinnigeria”