Covid19 lock-down: Nigerian police officer gives money to a woman who told him about the challenges she’s been facing.

by CheCheblogs

A Nigerian police officer has narrates how he helped out a woman who told him the challenges she’s been facing since the lock-down order issued by the federal government in Lagos, Ogun and the FCT to check the spread of Coronavirus.

Edward Onoriode who disclosed he met the woman and her daughter while walking towards Ikeja while on his way to work this morning. The policeman said the woman who complained about drinking garri throughout yesterday during their discussion after he gave her a lift, revealed she was going to Maryland to see if her elder sister can lend her N5,000.

The woman also disclosed that she sold drinks in traffic before the lock-down, but can’t anymore since she feeds from the interest she makes from her daily sales. Onoriode said he gave the woman money he withdrew from a nearby ATM before dropping her off at Maryland.

His words;

On my way to the office this morning, I saw this middle age woman & her daughter walking towards Ikeja. So, I slowed down & gave them a lift since I’m heading towards their direction. On our way, I asked the woman where she’s heading to in this lock-down, she said Maryland.

I further asked her why she’s going to Maryland bcoz she look so disturbed and unsettled.

She replied;

“I want to go & see my sister if she can borrow me money so me & my daughter can get something to eat.”

I was so touched.

She continued;

“Throughout yesterday, we drank garri & the garri was given to us by my neighbor. I can’t keep begging for garri bcoz my neighbor is also managing. So, I decided to trek to Maryland to see if my elder sister can lend me N5000 so we can manage to feed ourselves”

I then asked her; “Before the lock-down, what do you do for a living?”

She said she and her daughter sells Drinks and Water in Traffic. But due to the lock-down, she can’t sell and if she doesn’t sell, she can’t feed. Meaning, she feed from the interest she gets daily.

I asked her if she has a bank account. She said; ” I never open account. Na my Neighbour account I dey use if dem wan send me money and i no sabi her account number.”

I had to drive to the nearest ATM spot at Ikeja, withdraw some money, hand over to her & drop her at Maryland.

Truth is, people are really suffering. For the few of us who have what to eat at anytime even if the lock-down is extended to another two months should do the little we can to assist those who doesn’t have.

I can’t count the number of people who call me daily asking for money just to feed. Things are really hard. At this point, the govt need to do something ASAP to relieve the suffering of the people else, things will get out of hand in days to come if this lock-down continues.

There are a lot of people that can’t feed if they don’t hustle.

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