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BREAKING: Man prepares own grave and buys refreshments in preparation for his burial; explains reason for his action

A 70-year-old man, simply known as Leo, has begun making plans for his death.

The man, who has nine wives, dug his own tomb, purchased his coffin, and the white clothe in which he will be buried.

He also purchased beverages to be served to guests during his funeral.

When asked why he took such harsh measures, Leo told Afrimax that his community members are impoverished and that it is difficult for them to gather money to bury their deceased. He also stated that he does not want to be a burden to others once he passes away.

Leo also pre-ordered cement and bricks for his burial, as well as paying for his pallbearers.


He also talked about how he wanted his funeral to go. He insisted on being buried solely by males.

Leo claims that he knows his time is coming to an end and that he wants to prepare in whatever manner he can.
Leo is spending his time on earth relishing his days because he has made his funeral preparations.

Watch the video below.


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