“Body odor has a power of persuasion stronger than that of words” – Ubi Franklin’s subtle retaliation to Tacha.

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Body odor has a power of persuasion stronger than that of words – Ubi Franklin retaliates to Tacha after the latter made an IG Live to blast and insult him.

A verbal attack seems to have been birth since Ubi made an interview where he belittled Tacha. Tacha who couldn’t sit well with such gave him back a piece of her rawness and here’s the after effect ” Body odor has a power of persuasion”

The Music executive who opened up to Mercy that Tacha was one of the persons he NEVER wanted in the house revealed how Tacha had once begged him to use his connections to help her get into the Big Brother Naija house to which he refused and earned her insults.

Tacha retaliated by an IG live talk to blast Ubi, telling him to concentrate on his children and pay up the people he owes money. She also accused him of using her name to gain relevance.

On the latest update of the back and forth between Ubi and Tacha, the former has sent a subtle shade at the latter, referencing the infamous ‘body odor’ that the reality star is alleged to have.

Read his post below ;

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