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President Muhammed Buhari is the current President of Nigeria. He is an islam. Raised as a fulani, he holds a strong believe in Allah. Buhari is a Nigerian politician, who have served the country as a President since 2015 till date.  

Profile Summary on Buhari Muhammed

NameBuhari Muhammed
                        Personal Life
Marital StatusMarried
Previous SpouseSafinatu Yusuf (1971-1988)
Current SpouseAisha Halilu (1989-present)
Date of Birth: 17 December 1942 (age 80)
                          Gender: Male
Assumed office      11 November 2015
Minister of StateEmmanuel Ibe Kachikwu
Timipre Sylva
Preceded byDiezani Allison-Madueke
                           In office
March 1976 – June 1978
as Federal Commissioner of Petroleum and Natural Resources
Head of StateOlusegun Obasanjo
Governor of Borno State
                        In office
3 February 1976 – 15 March 1976
Preceded byOffice established
Succeeded byMustapha Amin
                        In office
1 August 1975 – 3 February 1976
as Governor of the North-Eastern State
Head of StateMurtala Mohammed
Preceded byMusa Usman
Succeeded byOffice abolished
Nationality: Nigerian
Net Worth$110 million

Who is Muhammed Buhari?

He is a Nigerian former military general who serves as the current president of Nigeria.

As a kid, he developed an interest in military service. Following his high-school graduation, he was trained at the ‘Nigerian Military Training College.’ As part of his training, he was later sent to train in ‘Commonwealth’ countries such as India, the U.S.A., and the U.K. He participated in the Nigerian Civil War, and by the late 1970s, he had earned the position of military secretary at the army headquarters. After being involved in three coup d’etats, in 1966, 1975 and 1976, he served as one of the top military leaders during the December 1983 coup. Following this, he was chosen as the new head of state. He launched the famous “war against indiscipline” and struck hard on corrupt political figures and businessmen. However, he somehow resorted to strict measures and controlled the media and the economy. This led to a decline in the economy, and he was detained in 1985. In 2003, he lost the presidential election. However, he won in the 2015 election, representing the ‘All Progressives Congress Party.’

Early Life and Education of President Muhammed Buhari

Muhammed was born on 17th December 1942 (80 years) in Katsina, Nigeria, Muhammadu was raised by a single mother, as his father had passed away when he was 4 years old.

He was from a well-known family, belonging to the Fulani tribe. The Fulanis are the most widespread ethnic people and are primarily found in the Western African region. His father, Mallam Hardo Adamu, was the leader of a local group of Fulani people in the area. His mother, Zulaihat, was a housewife.
Muhammadu grew up with a lot of siblings. He was the 23rd child in the huge family. The family was already struggling financially when he was born. Additionally, the death of his father pushed the family into a lot of issues. Muhammadu was 4 years old when his father passed away. His mother took over the responsibility of raising the huge family entirely by herself.
He completed his primary education from local government schools and later attended the ‘Katsina Provincial Secondary School,’ from where he graduated in 1961. He was not academically good and aspired to join the military instead.
Following his high-school graduation, at the age of 19, he entered the ‘Nigerian Military Training College.’ In the mid-1960s, the college was renamed the ‘Nigerian Defence Academy.’ Following his preliminary training, he went through the officer cadet training, for which young Nigerian military aspirants were sent to the ‘Commonwealth’ countries.
In 1962, he was sent to be trained at the ‘Mons Officer Cadet School’ in England. He later also attended military training camps and institutions in India and the U.S.A.

Marital Life of Muhammed Buhari

Buhari was first married to Safinatu Yusuf in 1971. Together they had five children, namely Zulaihat (deceased), Fatima, Musa (deceased), Hadiza and Safinatu. Buhari marriage to Safinatu ended in 1988. On 14th January 2006, the former first lady succumbed to diabetes.

He married for the second time in December 1989. Buhari new wife is known as Aisha Buhari, and the duo has five kids. Muhammadu Buhari children from his 2nd union are Aisha, Halima, Yusuf, Zahra and Amina.

Career Life of Muhammed Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari was part of the military coup that ousted Yakubu Gowon. As a result, he was appointed to take up the position of the military governor of Borno, formerly known as North-Eastern State. The same year, General Olusegun Obasanjo nominated him as the federal commissioner for petroleum resources. In 1977, Buhari became the military secretary at Supreme Military Headquarters. By September 1977, he was performing regular duties in the military. He was also the division commander in Kaduna.

Buhari’s Political Journey

He began in 2003 when he ran for the presidential seat but lost it to Olusegun Obasanjo of People’s Democratic Party (PDP). He ran again for the same position in 2007 but was defeated by Umaru Yar’Adua from PDP. In 2011, he tried again but lost to Goodluck Jonathan.

Net Worth of Muhammed Buhari

His net worth as at 2022 was estimated to be around $110 Million

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