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Engr. Kalu Silver

Engr. Kalu Silver, popularly known by the name of GWC Tech Hub is a notable and recognized personality in the Nigerian technological field of life.

Profile Summary

Full NameKalu Silver Chukwuebuka
Date of Birth7th of January 1995 (27 years)
EthnicityIgbo (Abia State)
OccupationWebsite Developer, Digital Marketer, and Application Developer
Net Worth$15,000

Who Is Kalu Silver?

Mr. Kalu Silver Chukwuebuka is a Website Developer, Digital Marketer, and Application Developer. He is a young man of potential cum prowess in the technological world, with a notable and industrial character worthy to be identified with.

Engr. Kalu Silver Chukwuebuka
 Engr. Kalu Silver Chukwuebuka

Early Life and Education of Kalu Silver

Kalu Chukwuebuka Silver was born on 7th of January 1995 and hails from Arochukwu in Abia State. As the first child of the family of eight, which comprises of Mr. And Mrs. Kalu Okorie and siblings, much was expected of him right from his early days as a teenager. He chose tech as his niche from the onset when he was said to have developed his love for anything associated with the computer. From the software aspect down to the hardware repairs and troubleshooting, he was duly immersed in this newfound love that he desired to plunge more into the field, and that he did.

Interview Section with Engr. Kalu Silver

He also studied Website Development at New Boston College London alongside Digital Marketing at Marketing 360 London, he still went ahead and studied Business Development and Business Branding with the School of Business Management at the United Kingdom. Kalu Silver had his master’s degree at Nexford University where he is studying Business Administration. (All Abroad courses were studied and certified online). He also studied physics and astronomy at the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN), Nsukka, Enugu State.

He is currently a final year student at the Institute of Management and Technology, (IMT), Enugu State where he read Computer Science. Of a truth, much was expected of this young man but graciously speaking, much and even more did he give.

Career Path of Kalu Silver

Engr. Kalu Silver Chukwuebuka is the founder of 5 notable Agencies, which originated in Nigeria but it services and scope has spread across the globe. He is also a co-founder of 5 companies both in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. Some of the companies he founded includes,

  • GWC Tech Hub Ltd
  • Swahiz Heros Enterprise
  • GWC Real Estate Ltd
  • GWC Tech LLC United Kingdom.
Engr. Kalu with the Management team of his Company

Kalu Silver also has other companies he is currently co-founding, some of which are

  • Spark Plug concept & Entertainment Ltd
  • Spark Dew Concept Ltd
  • Swahiz Online Store
  • Glitters Collections Nig
  • Caldar Mall Africa
  • Warie Luxury Enterprise

What is GWC Tech Hub?

Global World Connection Technological Hub, popularly known as GWC Tech Hub Ltd was founded on July 24, 2018, by Engr. Kalu Silver and Engr. Nnamani Benjamin Sunday, who both happened to be Computer Science graduates. Whilst Engr. Kalu Silver focuses on front-end development, Engr. Nnamani Benjamin focuses on the Back-end development.

GWC Tech Hub was officially registered under the CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission) in Nigeria. GWC Tech Hub is a technological company that covers quite a large scope of tech services. They offer services such as Website Development and Design, Digital Marketing, Company Branding, Content Creation, and Application Development amidst a few others. GWC Tech Hub is currently undergoing full certification with the United Kingdom Agency.

 Engr. Kalu Silver with Co-founder of GWC Tech Hub, Nnamani Benjamin Sunday

This Tech Company has gathered quite a load of experience as each year goes by. GWC Tech Hub holds the following experiences and due recommendation in the following areas,

  1. Business Experience: Three (3) Years Business Analogy
  2. Two (2) Years Online Expert
  3. Five (5) Years Web and App Developer
  4. Two (2) Years Digital Marketer

Growth Journey of GWC Tech Hub Thus Far

GWC Tech Hub is an Award-winning Company that has been existing since 2018. It was formally known as Silver Globe in the year 2015, when it was first formed. Afterward, it was changed to Global World Connection and registered in the year 2018. In the year 2021, it was yet again changed to GWC Tech Hub and registered again. GWC Tech Hub Ltd is the widely recognized and approved name of the Company.

During the processing of running the company, they faced so many challenges and difficult times. In the year 2015 when the vision was first gotten and the business was formed, Engr. Kalu Silver tried his possible best to keep the company which was then a small business afloat, but it ended up struggling and therefore was closed down after 1 year due to financial issues.

Engr. Kalu Silver with the CEO, Muna Real Estate Ltd

This young man yet again, never gave up as he gave another shot to his dream. In 2018, the company was revived again, but this time the name was changed from Silver Globe to Global World Connection. The company yet again faced other challenges such as inability to get projects and also getting a standard office space., But today, they have been able to fix these issues over time, and as each year goes by there have been recognized successes and progress in the Company. Thanks for the leadership of Engr. Kalu Silver for his ability to lead and move the company to success.

Personal Life of Engr. Kalu Silver

Engr. Kalu Silver, just like any other responsible, industrious and yet romantic man out there fell in love with a beautiful lady, Miss Rogers Maryann Onyinyechi. He is currently engaged to the aforementioned lady who have stayed by his side all these years whilst he was at his early stage of business growth.

Engr. Kalu Silver with Fiancée, Miss Roger, CEO of GWC Real Estate Ltd

Who Is Engr. Kalu Silver’s Fiancée, Miss Rogers?

Miss Rogers Maryann Onyinyechi is a graduate of Marketing at Enugu State University of Science and Technology, (ESUT), Enugu State. She happens to be the first Child and Daughter (Ada) in a family of seven. Just like Engr. Kalu Silver, Miss Rogers hails from Abia State and she is also a Digital Marketer. Miss Rogers is the founding Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GWC Real Estate Ltd.

Engr. Kalu Silver’s Net Worth

The net worth of Kalu Silver is estimated to be about $15,000. With his selflessness and determination towards upholding his various arms of business, in not too long a future, we believe to see more of his wonderment.

Engr. Kalu Silver with the CEO, Horizontal Real Estate

Awards and Recognitions Given to Engr. Kalu Silver

Engr. Kalu Silver Chukwuebuka has won so many awards both from public sector, Institution and churches.

Some of these awards includes,
– Best digital marketer constant in Enugu
– Outstanding CEO of the year 2022
– Most Enterprising student of the year (IMT Enugu) etc.

Social Media Handles of Kalu Silver

Kalu Silver also shows his visibility on the social media space, where he sometimes portrays his craftmanship as a technological entrepreneur. His handles can be seen below,

Facebook: Kalu Silver Chukwuebuka
Twitter: Kalu Silver Chukwuebuka (kalu_silver_c)
Instagram: Kalu Silver Chukwuebuka (kalu_silver_c)
LinkedIn: Kalu Silver Chukwuebuka (kalu_silver_c)


The name GWC Tech Hub could never have accomplished and grown to be this renowned if Engr. Silver Kalu was never in the picture. His selflessness and readiness have brought his company thus far. As a talented Digital Marketer and also a Front-end Developer, he has won multiples of awards during the course of working and also schooling. Engr. Kalu Silver of a truth, is a man of outstanding prowess in the tech world.

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