“At least have sense before you toast a babe” – Nigerian Lady blasts fellow who slid into her DM

by CheCheblogs

A Nigerian lady tongue lashed a man who slid into her DM on Twitter to respectfully ask that she becomes his girlfriend.

The conversation that was shared, shows that the lady was not interested from the onset about any form of discussion that didn’t involve business or money and thus, when the guy persistently continued trying to win her over with sweet words, she flipped the switch and told him she was not his type.

She further recommended ‘Ibadan girls’ who according to her. are ‘Razz and less Classy’ which would make them a perfect fit for the man.

I’ve never done this but just look at this Hoeniranu, local Ibadan somebody! Your type are at YabaLeft . At least have sense before you toast a babe

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