#Arewa Twitter; Check out the extravagant lifestyle some muslim faithful exhibit in low key

by CheCheblogs

They posed besides exotic whips like Rolls Royce, Bentley, Maserati and these photos that has since served rounds on the platforms exposes the exotic lifestyle of these people who actually keep a low profile.

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Ladies and gentlemen this is areas… Arewa twitter

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Twitter Nigeria was thrown into a frenzy as people reacted to the photos with many declaring that their next relationship will be with someone of that calibre. People were also thrilled with how decent and attractive the ladies were looking in the photos without having to expose their bodies the way some other ladies do.

People were even more shocked to discover the amount of affluence that these people possess. When one person reacted to the tweet of a gentleman who posed by two Rolls Royce by questioning how his dad possesses the two exotic whips, the gentleman went on to respond that it’s actually three.

When another person said the same gentleman has for himself, 3 BMWs, the gentleman yet again corrected them by saying he has 7.

This obviously sparked a topic of conversation on the platform and it seems to be never ending as it’s still trending on Twitter.

People touch on how low-key they keep their affluence, while others talk on how the same Northerners though have some of the wealthiest people in the country, still have most of the poorest people in the country too.

Here’s how some Nigerians are reacting,

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