“Apologize to your girlfriend or wife if she cheats on you” – Uganda Blogger

by CheCheblogs

An Ugandan blogger has given her opinion on infidelity in a relationship and quite a number of people have found her stance weird.

Sharon Godwin @AlumBaeOfficial who hails from Kampala, Uganda took to her Twitter page to share that a guy shouldn’t leave his woman who cheated on him but instead, he should realize that the man who his partner cheated with has something he doesn’t and as such, should work on himself.

Sharon who is of the believe that the said man cheated on should find out the error in himself and thereafter apologize to his cheating partner because she’s innocent and he’s the one at fault.

Her whole opinion borders on the man becoming a better person for his cheating partner so she wouldn’t have to cheat again and the absurdity of her statement has a lot of people disgusted with her.

In her words;

IF SHE CHEATS ON U,instead of leaving her just understand the fact that u lack something which the man she f*cked doesn’t.
Look deep within urself,find out the error & apologize to her.
Work on urself & towards becoming a better man for her.She’s innocent & ur the one at fault.

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